Next year, you should be looking to rank quite high in the search engine results. But, what methods will be effective in 2018 and give you better outcomes than the previous year? What is about to change in the following year? In this article, we have mentioned the top 5 SEO trends in 2018.

1. Fast Loading Mobile Pages

Nobody likes to wait too long while a web page loads. For this reason, the search engines have introduced AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) which allow the mobile browsers to load pages 4 times faster as compared to the regular pages while using 10 times less information. Although AMP might not be a ranking factor as yet, your bounce rate will be minimized significantly by faster loading times, and this will help to improve your search engine rankings.

laptop on table performing SEO2. Backlinks

2018 will be the year of backlinks in the SEO domain. The search engines find it challenging to figure out the authenticity of any particular content given that numerous contents are being published on a regular basis. However, a search engine can comprehend whether the content is useful and authentic with the help of these backlinks. Next year, we can expect the backlinks to become more prominent when it comes to search engine optimization.

3. Using Pictures and Videos

In 2018, it is anticipated that an increasing number of users will respond to videos and pictures in the search results. Videos and graphics receive an instant response because of the increasing popularity of the social networking sites, and this helps to make the pages popular within a brief period of time. Although the flat content was the order of the day in the past, things have changed at present. Next year, decent visualization along with top quality content materials will be in demand.

4. Upload Content Which Is Meaningful

Lengthy and unmeaningful content does not attract any attention from the readers these days. Instead, the focus is on short, interesting, and authentic web pages. Consequently, one needs to upload brief as well as precise information on the web, and for this, it is imperative to take the help of an expert and experienced writer who can provide top quality articles for your site.

5. Voice Search

Voice search is yet another trend which will be influencing SEO next year. This technology has developed significantly at present with the introduction of gadgets such as Amazon Echo and Google Home which helps the users to speak into their gadgets without any need of typing out the questions. It is becoming very popular since it is convenient as well as fast. In fact, it is estimated that approximately 50% of all the searches on the web will be performed next year through speech as well as clicking on images.